The firm’s fees are calculated on the basis of an hourly rate. This hourly rate depends on the issue at stake and the complexity of the case, or its level of urgency.

Fees may also be calculated on a fixed-rate basis, in agreement with the client.


Costs are calculated as follows:

Cost of opening a case:

€50 (excluding VAT).


€10 (excluding VAT)/page.

Postage and handling:

€1 (excluding VAT) per letter sent by post (registered mail billed at cost price),
€0.50 (excluding VAT) per fax,
€0.25 (excluding VAT) per email.


€0.25 (excluding VAT) per page.

Travel costs:

€0.50 (excluding VAT) per kilometre travelled.

Other costs (parking etc.) are charged at cost price.

Additional costs (correspondence, telephone, fax etc.) may also be charged in international cases.

For some cases, the costs may be calculated on a fixed-rate basis corresponding to 15% of the total fees.


Disbursements, or money due to third parties, such as bailiffs or experts, are borne directly by the client.